Smart Lab

We are passionate architects of buildings, hardware and software and combine our skills to create truly smart, user-centric and beautifully functional Labs.
We are deeply rooted in the startup ecosystem, science, design, IT, architecture and building industry.

  • Meet the Team

    • Jérôme Lutz

      CEO & Visionary Lead

      On the mission to bring the latest tech innovations into the lab to help scientist solve the pressing problems of our time as quick as possible.

      I will bring my lab building experience, design philosophy, makerskills, tech know how and industry network into your lab.

    • Alex Bettenhausen

      Tech & Operations

      Passionate about making sure nobody has to do any boring job twice - or even once.

      With the mindset of a Business Analyst and the toolbelt of a Fullstack Developer, I am excited to support the journey of both the Smart Lab Architects and our incredible partners.

    • Shrunga Srirama

      Architecture & Design

      In pursuit of designing diverse digital and spatial experiences, for people and the planet.

      Being experienced as an Architect, Spatial Designer and Interaction Designer, I bring life to our Smart Labs and digital tools alike.

    • Jelena Milic

      Science & Community

    • Natalia Villanueva


    • Jeremy von Poschinger


    • Sabine Emslander

      HR & Team Development

    • Paolo Afflito

      Custom Builds & Makerspace

Our Vision

Our world evolves quicker than ever before and now it’s up to the
Biotech Startups to solve the pressing challenges of our time.

‍The lab is the place where you create the future.
To get you ready for this, we deploy the latest lab tech as well as
help you discover and use game-changing tools.

We believe your lab must evolve with your needs to create
reproducible results fast and cost efficient.

Our Mission

The Smart Lab Architects focus on quickly building smart and flexible labs for startups. We can help you with anything from selecting the right location to building up your S1 / S2 certified lab as well as equipping it both with lab furniture and machinery.

Once the lab is set up, we deploy the latest digital tools to capture experiment data to make your lab work more digital, efficient, and reproducible.

Our Products and Services

We constantly deploy exciting new tech in the labs we create and we want to share this with you. You can discover, try and buy all of the tech with the Lab Market and the Lab Browser.

The Lab Market, a product by Smart Lab Architects

Lab Market

A carefully selected and thoroughly evaluated suite of software and hardware tools that will turn your lab into a Smart Lab. You can discover, test and buy the latest lab tech at the Lab Market

Explore Lab Market

Lab Browser

In a Smart Lab, many tools, computers and devices need to work hand in hand. The Lab Browser gives you an overview and easy access to everything.

Try the Lab Browser
The Lab Browser, a product by Smart Lab Architects

We build Smart Labs!

We have already built a wide range of labs and can quickly turn an empty room into a fully equipped, login-ready Smart Lab.

Build a Lab with us!
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