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The free Lab Browser gives you easy and secure access to your Smart Lab from any device

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The Lab Browser

Our Extension gives your Browser superpowers!
Every time you open a new tab, you're right in your lab.

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  • Multi-Search

    Whether it's a protocol in your Lab Notebook or an item in your inventory, the Lab Browser helps you find it.

  • Launch Lab Apps

    Access your lab as easy as opening an App on your smartphone.
    The Dashboard gives you quick access to all the apps that you are using in your lab.

  • Discover Lab Apps

    The integration with our Lab Market helps you discover plenty of useful Lab Apps to try out and upgrade to a Smart Lab today.

  • Talk to Smart Lab Experts

    Reach out anytime on our built-in Chat and ask us anything you want to know about Smart Labs!

    We'll connect you to our ever-growing community of partners and experts to get you the answers you need.

  • Privacy and Security

    We don't track you while you're browsing and we don't secretly gather personal information about you. Period.

  • Customization

    Customize the Lab Browser with our beautiful wallpapers from Space, Biology, Chemistry, Architecture and a variety of other scientific disciplines.
    You might even learn something new: win-win!

Ready to launch your Smart Lab?

Just give it a try! It’s simple, secure, free and doesn’t even require any installation permissions. Set up your Smart Lab in 5 Minutes:

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This is just the beginning

We are constantly building on the Lab Browser to make it the most helpful personalized dashboard for scientists like you!

  • Reviews

    Learn about the most helpful Lab Apps from other scientists in your field and help them discover your favorite Apps with reviews.

  • Discovery Feed

    Find new Apps on every Browser tab you open and be inspired about how they can help you in your daily work.

  •  


    We're making sure a spotty internet reception won't impact your Lab Browser experience.

  • Mobile App

    Soon you'll be able to install the Lab Browser Dashboard on Android and iOS devices to have it with you at any time.

  • Widgets

    We're learning from your feedback to bring your favorite Lab App features right to the Lab Browser Dashboard as handy Widgets.

  • App Connections

    Together with the product teams behind our Lab Apps, we're connecting tools to make your life easier.

  • Remote Access

    Control all connected Smart Lab devices from your Lab Browser.
    Your dashboard keeps you updated on your experiments in real-time.

  • ... Missing Something?

    Tell us what you wish to see on your Lab Browser!

    Suggest a feature!

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