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  • Connectivity Space Berlin

    We designed this lab in Berlin to connect startups, innovators and all our systems amongst each other.

    From an empty room to a Smart Lab in just 5 days!

    • The Connectivity Space Berlin is home to the latest connected lab tech. With 7 amazing companies we deployed their latest prototypes and products into the lab in a one-week sprint in June 2021.

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  • The Netflix Labs

    In 2019 we joined the Netflix's "Biohackers" crew on their quest to create a breathtaking, scientifically accurate and inspiring series.

    A medical student enters a top German university on a secret mission to uncover a conspiracy linking a family tragedy to a visionary biology professor...

    • Netflix Lab from "Biohackers"

      We helped making Biohackers' story as technologically accurate as possible and connected the directors with lab industry experts to create the modern labs and DIY biohacker space featured in the 2019 Netflix series.

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    • Movie set for the scenes in

      "Professor's" Private Lab

      In the Netflix series Biohackers, a biotech professor is operating a secret private lab in her basement. We designed this lab with the goal to build the most futuristic, automated and sexy laboratory one could imagine.

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      Netflix Lab from "Biohackers"
    • Movie set for the scenes in

      Jasper's Biohackspace

      Another protagonist of the Netflix series Biohackers, Jasper, has also built a private lab with only modest resources. We reached out to our friends from the biohacking community and got them involved in creating this "Biohackspace", a place filled with simple, cheap and nonetheless effective DIY lab equipment.

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      Netflix Lab from "Biohackers"
  • [X] Biokitchen

    We planned, financed and constructed Germany’s first open S1 Biotech Lab to serve early-stage startups.
    During our sprint at TU Munich, we invented and patented 6 lab appliances.

    • [X] Biokitchen

      UnternehmerTUM [x] was founded in late 2016 with the goal to combine AI, Robotics and Synthetic Biology and create deep tech startups at those intersections.
      To provide these startups with a lab to begin their research in, we opened Germany's first open biolab - the [x] Biokitchen.

      The Biokitchen was planned in early 2018, build with a team of 20 people within a week in April and opened to the public in May 2018.

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      [X] Biokitchen
    • [X] Lab of the future

      The very first lab we created at the UnternehmerTUM was built up for the TECHFEST 2016 to host the AstraZeneca "Lab of the Future" Challenge.

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