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Let's build a lab!

Our Smart Labs are...

Human Centric

Ergonomic and attractive design optimized for the scientist, not the machine


Control and collect data  from anywhere with connected devices


Modular and flexible design for efficient and ergonomic work space


Energy and resource efficient without compromising research

We support Deeptech and Biotech start-ups in their complete lab journey, from finding a lab to getting it operational!*


Building Smart Labs with us

Our agile approach to lab, system and software architecture quickly adapts to your needs and integrates your team's expertise & creativity.

  • Discover

    Together, we develop a vision for your lab, evaluate your requirements and find the right location


    Define Lab Requirements

    • Define Project Scope
    • User & Workflow Analysis
    • Analyze Scientific Processes
    • Derive Lab Requirements
    • Risk Assessment & Biosafety

    Find Lab Location

    • Location Search
    • Site Visits & Due-Diligence Investigation
    • Virtual 360° Tours
  • Design

    We design a beautiful human-centric lab for you and plan everything for efficient execution


    • Site Analysis
    • Measurements & Drawings
    • Process-optimized Zoning & Layout
    • Conceptual Planning
    • Building Services (HVAC/TGA) Planning
    • Interior Design - Office & Lab
    • Spatial Design & Lab Vision
    • Building & Usage Permits
    • Bioprocessing & Production Planning
  • Build

    We plan & coordinate construction and get things done


    • Bioreactor Battle Station
    • Construction Planning
    • Deconstruction Works
    • Building Services (HVAC/TGA)
    • Stationary Lab Furniture & Equipment
  • Buy

    We will guide you through the intensive process of selecting and buying equipment consumables


    • Equipment Financing / Leasing Framework
    • Central Logistics Hub
    • Lab Equipment
    • Lab Consumables
    • Smart Lab Equipment
    • Bioprocessing Equipment
    • Productivity & Workspace Ergonomics
  • Move

    Are you scaling up and want to move your current equipment? We got you covered!


    • Move Lab Furniture
    • Move Lab Machines & Appliances
    • Move Chemicals & Reagents
  • Sprint

    Together with your team, we do a hyper-focused construction sprint to set up your lab and get you operational


    • Get Lab Operational
    • All Regulatory Applications Done
    • Set up Lab Machines
    • Set up Lab Signage
    • Organize Consumables
    • Set up IT & Periphery
    • Set up Smart Lights & Sound System
    • Individual Sessions with Scientific Team
    • Weekend & Evening Activities

How we like to work

Here is a making-of video of our recent 2-week construction sprint at Formo - this intensive final phase is where everything we've planned and prepared comes together, involving the whole team of our client hands-on.

Smart Lab Levels

We take you on a journey to level up your lab.
Click and discover what awaits you on each level!

Digital Lab

The foundation is a digitally enabled lab, where the scientists work with up-to-date hardware and experiment data is generated and stored digitally. At this stage, we discuss and introduce relevant tools such as ELNs, Device Management, Barcode Inventory etc.

Smart Lab Level 3: The "Digital Lab"

Connected Lab

The next level is to connect the lab devices and establish sensor systems that control and track what’s going on in the lab. You can then run small automations, improve reproducibility and understand environmental factors influencing your results.

Smart Lab Level 2: The "Connected Lab"

Automated Lab

With the digital backbone and the Connected Lab in place, we can automate even complex repetitive workflows in your experiments. We help you implement anything from small productiviy hacks to co-bots to full process automation.

Smart Lab Level 3: The "Automated Lab"

AI-Ready Lab

With your lab being able to run full experiments automatically while tracking meaningful data every step of the way, machine learning and AI controlled experiments become reality.

Smart Lab Level 4: The "AI-Ready Lab"

Our Clients

Our growing list of clients is working towards a better tomorrow.

Collaborations & Partners

To get you into your awesome new lab as soon as possible, we work hand in hand with the best teams in our industry. We bring these specialists in throughout the process to quickly plan, build, finance and digitalize your lab.

LifeScience Consulting Network & Smart Lab Architects

As a member of the LifeScience Consulting Network (LSCN), SLA can leverage the collective experience of a wide network of senior experts and professional consultants from the life science industry.

IBB Netzwerk & Smart Lab Architects

As a partner in the IBB cluster organization, SLA is in constant exchange with innovative companies, research organizations and policy makers on the topic of industrial biotechnology.

neoLab & Smart Lab Architects

Through our partnership with neolab, we can help our clients efficiently and affordably procure most machines, equipment & consumables they need to operate their new lab.

Laborkampagne & Smart Lab Architects

Through our partnership with Laborkampagne, we can help even our smaller clients to receive discounts which are usually reserved for big corporate clients.

Labstuff & Smart Lab Architects

Together with the team at Labstuff.eu, we've helped many of our clients fill their labs super cost efficiently, with high quality second hand equipment and furniture.

Waldner & Smart Lab Architects

With our partner Waldner, we have developed custom lab equipment for mobile and modular labs and constantly try new products.

Evosciences & Smart Lab Architects

With our partner Evosciences Leasing, we help you to seamlessly lease the equipment we buy together. Historically, we've managed to move up to 75% of the equipment costs into leasing agreements.

Neumaier & Smart Lab Architects

With Neumaier Logistics, we have a professional lab moving company in our network, who can safely move anything from furniture and machinery to chemicals and biological samples between labs.

Better Basic Laborbedarf & Smart Lab Architects

With our partner Better Basics, we optimize your workstations and equip them with personalized Smart Racks.

Fluics & Smart Lab Architects

With our partner Fluics, we setup a barcode inventory system that helps you keep track of your probes and manages your inventory.

Essentim & Smart Lab Architects

With our partner Essentim, we help you plan your environmental and probe sensors and automate use cases such as fridge monitoring.

Clustermarket & Smart Lab Architects

With our partner Clustermarket, we help you manage and optimize the use of your machines.

Laboperator & Smart Lab Architects

With our partner Laboperator, we help you plan your Laboratory Execution System (LES) that integrates your lab devices and sensors and let’s you control and automate your workflows.

Düperthal & Smart Lab Architects

Not only does Düperthal provide industry-leading lab safety storage, they are also providing digital storage management tools, co-developed in the Connectivity Space Berlin.

Hybrick & Smart Lab Architects

With our partner Hybrick, we are able to design & provision hybrid spaces for R&D and production. Moreover, this partnership allows our clients to efficiently move into spaces perfectly fit to their growth.

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