Our Products & Services

We design, plan and build Smart Labs from scratch to login-ready.

While helping our clients select the best tools to get their lab work done, we constantly discover amazing products, which we want to share with the world through the Lab Browser and the Lab Market.

  • Plan & build Smart Labs with us

    • [X] Biokitchen

      We build or upgrade labs to become human centric, connected, flexible and sustainable innovation spaces.

      Find out more about our vision of the Smart Lab and how we are making it a reality, together with you and your team.

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    • Lab Locator

      Fill in our simple form, your current needs and technical requirements for us to look into your database and find relevant locations for you.

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  • Our digital Products

    • Lab Browser

      In a Smart Lab, many tools, computers and devices need to work hand in hand. The Lab Browser gives you an overview and easy access to everything.

      Try the Lab Browser
      The Lab Browser, a product by Smart Lab Architects
    • Lab Market

      A carefully selected and thoroughly evaluated suite of software and hardware tools that will turn your lab into a Smart Lab. You can discover, test and buy the latest lab tech at the Lab Market

      Exlore Lab Market
      The Lab Market, a product by Smart Lab Architects