Carbon Atlantis

Direct Air Capture (DAC)

Carbon Atlantis is on a mission to solve the climate crisis by capturing CO2 directly from air.

We were excited to help their team reaching their ambitious goals and support the complex infrastructure needs of climate tech start-ups. From an empty, 3-story industrial space to a high-tech chemistry lab, makerspace, workshop, community space and office in 9 months from idea to operational.

  • Location

    Munich, DE

  • Client

    Carbon Atlantis

  • Year


  • Area

    545 m²

  • Scope

    Carbon Capture Lab, Makerspace & Office

  • Status


Project Overview

  • Discover

    Location Deep Dive
    Defining all requirements, chemicals and machinery


    • Location Requirements
    • Understanding Scientific Processes
    • Location Analysis
    • Landlord Negotiations
    • Hazardous Goods Analysis
    • 360° Virtual Tours
  • Design

    Detail Plans & 3D model
    Construction, HVAC, process-optimized Layouts & Equipment


    • Process-optimized Zoning
    • Lab Bench & Workspace Planning
    • Lab Equipment Planning
    • Gas Planning
    • HVAC & Ventilation
    • Dry Walls
    • Electrical
    • Sanitary
  • Build

    Interconnected Workzones
    Chemistry Lab, Makerspace, Technical Infrastructure, Community Space & Office


    • Construction Planning
    • Coordination
    • Electricity, Water, Sewage & Gas Connections
    • Setup of additional Fume Hoods and Infrastructure
  • Sprint

    2 Sprints
    Concentrated on-site work sessions involving all hands

    2x Sprint à 3 days each

    • Built Makerspace
    • Built Kitchen
    • Built Office
    • Work Safety Installations
    • Splash Protections
    • Finalized & Moved Lab in
    • Organized Consumables
    • Attached Lab Signage

The Lab Planning Process

  • Discover

    The LEN, a Light Industrial Development of the Binnberg Developers, was the ideal space to accommodate Carbon Atlantis’ research and product development facility.

    Within a week, we assessed the location and initial requirements shared by Carbon Atlantis for our further planning of the space.

    Image Credit: BINNBERG
  • Design & Draw

    We planned a detailed and ergonomic furniture and equipment layout for the labs and the makerspaces. The office and community area was also designed to fit the needs of the quickly growing team.

    Additionally, we planned the building technical services, such as electric, sanitary, ventilation, light, air pressure and gas, and importantly, work safety, to be up to the standards of operating a chemical lab and industrial engineering workspace.

3D Tour

  • Build

    The lab was planned and built in proximity to the makerspace and production area, making sure to keep an open visual connection between these spaces.


    Fitting in the required ventilation system into an existing building was a particular challenge. The structure and clear heights available gave us the flexibility to retrofit various specialized services.

    The lab furniture was planned in a way that allows the team to be flexible for upgrades.

    The Makerspace

    The makerspace corner is equipped with workbenches, machinery and flexible storage for quick prototyping and also production.

    Community & Kitchen

    We mapped out offices and other common areas. It is important to design workspaces that support the Lab infrastructure and we accounted for everything that the team might need. Part of it was designing and building the community space. Along with the Carbon Atlantis team, we built a modern kitchen extending onto a beautiful terrace.

  • Sprint

    We did 2x Sprints with each 3 days togther with the Carbon Atlantis’ team to quickly advandce the setup and build up of all the spaces.

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