Proteins from non-GMO Fungi

Nosh.Bio harnesses the power of non-GMO fungi to create nutritional and highly functional proteins through its proprietary fermentation process. This approach, minimal, scalable, and sustainable, underscores the company's dedication to building a better future for people, animals, and the planet.

We're happy that Nosh approached us in 2023 to support the company's explosive growth by planning their new lab and office spaces.

As it turned out, that growth was even more rapid than expected. We thus ended up planning two labs, when Nosh secured an even larger space that would become their future HQ. After a super productive Sprint in March 2024 (within just 4 months of securing this location), we had the team up and running in their amazing new space.

  • Location

    Berlin, DE

  • Client


  • Year


  • Area

    300m² R&D Lab & Kitchen
    300m² Office

  • Scope

    R&D Lab, Industrial Kitchen & Office
    Bioprocessing Plant upcoming

  • Status

    in 4 months

Project Overview

  • Discover

    2 Locations
    Location Assessment & 360° Virtual Tours


    • Location Requirements
    • Understanding Scientific Processes
    • Location Analysis
    • Landlord Negotiations
    • Due-Diligence Investigation
    • 360° Virtual Tours
  • Design

    80+ Detail Plans
    Construction, HVAC, process-optimized Layouts & Equipment


    • Process-optimized Zoning
    • Lab Bench & Workspace Planning
    • Lab Equipment Planning
    • Sanitary & Electrical Planning
    • Custom Builds
    • Lighting
    • Custom Branding
  • Build

    • R&D Biotech Lab
    • Office & Event Space


    • Deconstruction Works
    • Walls & Floors
    • Lighting
    • Electricity, Water, Sewage & Gas Connections
    • Internet
  • Buy

    Sustainable Lab Interior
    High-Quality Circular Furniture


    • Equipment Financing / Leasing Framework
    • Lab & Cleaning Equipment
    • Lab Furniture
    • Office Furniture
    • Productivity & Workspace Ergonomics
    • Construction Materials
  • Move

    5+ Truckloads
    from prior Lab, Offices & Acquisitions


    • Lab Furniture
    • Lab Equipment
    • Lab Consumables
    • Office Furniture
    • Office Equipment
  • Sprint

    • 2 Weeks
    • 5+ Construction Teams


    • Week 1:  Construction
    • Finished all Construction Works
    • Sanitary & Electrical ready to connect
    • Major Lab Furniture set up
    • Week 2:  Lab Setup & Completion
    • Set up Lab Machines
    • Organize Consumables & Work Supplies
    • Set up IT & Periphery
    • Custom Builds & Signage
  • Discover

    We were approached by Nosh in late 2023 and we jumped right into supporting them in assessing candidate lab locations for their planned expansion.

    Image Credit: WISTA

    Funnily, we went through the Discover phase twice in this project, as Nosh outgrew their initially selected space before they could even move in.

    Being lucky that landlord WISTA could flexibly support Nosh and offer a much larger unit, we could pivot our plans and design an even more ambitious space.

    In the end, Nosh ended up moving into this perfectly suited location with ample lab space, closely integrated offices and a beautiful open hall to grow into.

  • 360° virtual tour

    As for any of our clients, we prepared a 360° virtual tour to optimize our planning process and also to communicate with stakeholders and contractors quickly and accurately.

    Such a tour allows anyone to remotely explore and experience the space as if they were on site. Most importantly, we can significantly reduce costs for site visits and resolve questions and project blockers much quicker.

  • Design

    In the short two months leading up to Nosh's move-in, we designed and planned all construction works, including the removal of multiple walls to open up a big communal event & office space and providing all technical building infrastructure (electricity, sanitary, gases & IT).

    Furthermore, we planned the room and furniture layout for efficient workflows. Here, we really enjoyed the challenge of accommodating two big batches of second hand furniture which we could secure for this project.

    We're really happy with how it all came together!

3D Tour

  • Finances

    Throughout our projects, we refine cost estimates and align with budgets and priorities. Where possible and reasonable, we suggest opportunities for saving money - we're working with startups, after all.

    With our partner Evosciences Leasing, we coordinated the leasing of the complete second hand lab furniture and expensive office items like meeting pods.

  • Build

    We coordinated the construction works that transformed a great location into a perfect one - from breaking down walls to combine four small rooms into one big open office space, through flooring works and painting, all the way to making sure all electricity, water, sewage and gases are available where they are needed.

    Open Office

    We tore down some walls and opened up a large, bright open office for the Nosh team to come together.

    In this room, we designed a flexible space separation concept and also built some custom furniture, so the team can enjoy a view outside and work in the afternoon sun.

  • Buying

    We arranged the procurement of lab furniture with our partner - bringing in a full lab and thus equipping Nosh's space at a very affordable price, in almost no time - and sustainably, too!

    Finally, we leveraged our extensive equipment databases to quickly identify and source any equipment still missing for Nosh's operation readiness.

  • Move

    With great cost efficiency comes great coordination effort: we had the challenge of integrating three separate inventories into the new lab. Two big shipments of used lab & office furniture and finally, everything coming in from Nosh's existing premises.

    Quite a few inbound items arrived as a surprise to everyone!

    Good we had some attentive extra-staff on site to oversee the chaos... 🐶

  • Sprint

    We've organized a two-week Sprint, during which we finalized all constructions and concluded our project, moving Nosh into their new HQ.

    Together with the Nosh team and our outstanding partners, we set up the lab with all furniture, equipment and machinery.

    At the end of this intensive work period, we could celebrate Nosh's move into an operational, neatly organized lab & product development kitchen.

    Two week Speedrun

    Join us for a glimpse into our intense two-week Sprint, the constructions, deliveries and final touches all happening in parallel to finally lead to an operationally furnished lab.

More Impressions

The execution of such a big project with such a small team in such a short time, while we were preparing our commercial roll out while fundraising, would have never been possible without Smart Lab Architects.

Jérôme and his team are acting like a team extension and driving things forward with incredible energy and passion. It was a lot of fun working together so closely and we'd definitely love to work together with you again in the future!

Tim Fronzek
Founder & CEO

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