[X] Biokitchen

UnternehmerTUM [x] was founded in late 2016 with the goal to combine AI, Robotics and Synthetic Biology and create deep tech startups at those intersections.
To provide innovative startups with a lab to take up their research in, we opened Germany's first open S1 biotech lab - the [x] Biokitchen.

The Biokitchen was planned in early 2018, build with a team of 20 people within a week in April and opened to the public in May 2018.

[X] Biokitchen
  • Location

    Munich, DE

  • Client


  • Year


  • Safety Level


  • Field

    Startup Incubator Lab

  • Status


  • Discovery

    The Challenge: Create Germany's first open biolab for startups to develop their early biological and chemical prototypes.

    These drawings were all the plans we had prepared when we set out to complete our challenge. Beyond that, we had 20 people, plenty of raw materials and many ideas.

  • Sprint

    In just one week, we planned, prototyped and then built the final Biokitchen from scratch.
    Alongside the process, we invented 6 new lab appliances, some of which later received patent protection.

More Impressions

Enter the room, say your name, and the benches adapt to your height as well as unlock your over bench cabinets. They then open touchless with a gesture, so your hands stay sterile.

The mobile media supply under the benches gives you gases, air pressure or vacuum whenever and wherever you need it - no piping required.

One master screen and high-end computer visible from all angles is the stationary control unit of the lab, where all machines are controlled from.

The voice control lets you login, control the music and notes as well as supply orders.

On the left, there is the machinery park. All devices plugged in and ready to use.

In the middle, there is the simple but flexible storage box inventory and on the right, a walk-in fume hood that serves as a flexible way to store and run chemical experiments.

Joerg Hoffmann
CEO Waldner Labs, 2018
"During these six days, my team and I experienced a whole new approach to product development. We were impressed how we could create real innovation within days – by combining the experience of our employees with interdisciplinary experts from other fields and new working methods.

Don’t wait, just do it. We learned a lot during this project with UnternehmerTUM[x] and incorporated this spirit in our processes, especially in product development. Today, we develop new products often together with our customers within months."

Deployed Tech

With our partners, we equipped the space with the latest innovations and connected all systems to create an integrated, user friendly experience.

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[X] Biokitchen