Connectivity Space Berlin

The Connectivity Space Berlin is home to the latest, connected lab tech, serving as a showroom and innovation space for the Smart Lab of the future.

In June 2021, 7 amazing companies deployed their newest prototypes and products into the lab in a one week sprint, organized by the Smart Lab Architects.

Together, we will continue to evolve this innovation-space and hopefully meet you there soon!

  • Location

    Berlin, DE

  • Client

    Labforward GmbH

  • Year


  • Area

    200 m²

  • Field

    Collaborative Lab Space

  • Status


More Impressions

The Making-Of

Join us for a short tour through the Connectivity Space, at the conclusion of our sprint week!
This making-of video was shot after the 5 days of intense work in which we turned this once empty room into a highly connected Smart Lab.

Visit us on-site

Filmed on day 3 of the sprint week, our founder Jérôme gives you a live tour of the construction as it happened. Not much resembles the empty room we started in just days before.

One week in <2 minutes

If you want to witness all the buzzing energy and the construction work that took place throughout the sprint-week, be our guest and enjoy this time-lapse video.

Deployed Tech

With our partners, we equipped the space with the latest innovations and connected all systems to create an integrated, user friendly experience.

Let’s build your lab!

We're excited to build your Smart Lab vision together with you.

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