Insempra is a synbio startup enabling businesses to make better, more sustainable products.

Using precision fermentation, the company is developing a range of products for various applications in the food & nutrition, beauty and personal care as well as fibers & materials markets.

Created by the founder of AmSilk, Jens Klein, the team raised an initial seed investment of €15M to establish the foundation of the business and bring in the expertise to scale and market their range of high-quality products.

Currently they are working on scaling up lipids, fibers and functional ingredients.

  • Location

    Munich, DE

  • Client


  • Year


  • Area


  • Field

    Precision Fermentation

  • Status

    in under 6 months

  • Discover

    From August 2021 on we were doing workshops with the Insempra team to discover and specify their ambitious lab plans.

  • Discovery Workshop

    In the discovery workshops we identify and understand the requirement of our clients' teams today and in the next few years. From this lab vision and the requirement analysis, we can develop an ideal, scalable work environment.

    Feasibility and Planning

    We evaluated 4 locations, visited them, made 360° Tours, floor layouts,  and finally estimated the costs of construction and furnishing them.

    Building labs from scratch is both expensive and can take up to 9-12 months, but you can only have an informed decision after having created a detailed plan - even if it might never be realized.

  • IZB Munich

    Our mission is to find the fastest way to get a lab operational. By chance, a perfectly suited lab became available at IZB and all previous construction planning could be skipped.

    Now we focused on simply defining an ideal zoning and machine layout. After a few iterations, we had the perfect setup and the team of Insempra took care of moving in in January 2022.

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