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Turning renewable energy into food

Farmless is a green biotech company that is based on a liquid feedstock made with CO2, hydrogen and renewable energy to brew planet-friendly proteins.

In 2023, Farmless asked the Smart Lab Architects to remotely design and equip their new bioprocessing lab in the Netherlands. Within less than 2 months, we fully planned this lab's layout and equipped it with everything from machinery to consumables.

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    Amsterdam, NL

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    R&D Lab

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Ultrafast Lab Planning

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    We're very proud of this project, as it's been our fastest lab so far. Moreover, we have proven that with an autonomous partner like Farmless, we are able to get most work done remotely, providing effective project planning, guidance, and support with little overhead.


    After a brief and productive alignment on the core requirements and desired lab capabilities, we efficiently planned Farmless' compact space in less than two working days, ensuring that we could go full steam ahead filling it up with machinery and equipment.


    For this lab, we procured about 40 pieces of equipment and over 120 different consumables, managing to have everything delivered in a manner of weeks.

    Our trusted partners and suppliers provided the necessary equipment and consumables with minimal delay, thanks to the strong relationships we have built and maintained. This allowed us to deliver the project on time and within budget, while maintaining high standards of quality and sustainability.

  • Sustainability

    When selecting equipment and consumables for the laboratory, we prioritized green laboratory practices. We predominantly selected energy-efficient and sustainable items, taking into account factors such as the environmental impact of the production process, the materials used, and the disposal of the equipment and consumables.

    * a big shout out to the My Green Lab initiative for maintaining their database of ACT labels, which help to assess the footprint of a wide variety of machines and consumables in the lab.

Smart Lab Architects helped us out with finding the right equipment in a fast way and connecting us to parties that could potentially finance lease-back for our equipment.

Adnan Oner
CEO & Founder, Farmless

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