air up

Flavor Lab & Makerspace

In 2022, we've been approached by air up to work with them on their expansion into a new headquarter building.

In an amazing new building near Munich's Ostbahnhof, we have planned a Flavor Lab and Makerspace, allowing air up to further refine flavors and rapidly prototype their scent-based bottle system.

air up's drinking system is transporting freely selectable scents, coming from pods mounted on top of the bottle, through the mouth to the olfactory receptors, where our brain perceives this smell as taste.

  • Location

    Munich, DE

  • Client

    air up

  • Year


  • Area

    750 m²

  • Scope

    Flavor Lab, Makerspace

  • Status


Project Overview

  • Discover

    Signing Support
    through our network


    • Securing Location
    • Understanding Processes
    • Location Analysis
    • Risk Assessment
    • 360° Virtual Tours
  • Design

    20+ Zoning Variations
    process-optimized workspace planning


    • User Research
    • 20+ Zoning Variations
    • Process-optimized Zoning
    • Lab Bench & Workspace Planning
    • Lab Equipment Planning
    • Kitchen Design
    • Electrical Planning
  • Build

    • Flavor Lab
    • Quality Lab
    • Makerspace


    • New Lab Floors
    • New Doors
    • New Lab Ventilation
    • Flavor Lab Kitchen
    • Quality Kitchen
    • Makerspace
  • Buy

    Structured Procurement
    equipment & furniture


    • Equipment & Furniture Research
    • Decision Workshops
    • Equipment Procurement
    • Discount Negotiations

Developing a Design Vision

  • Discover

    Through our network with the property developers at Rhode+Schwarz, we were able to help air up secure this dream location. The location was only very briefly on the market and we quickly made sure, that all lab and makerspace requirements can be created in this office building.

    Working closely with our clients helped us understand the workflow and preferences of the team. The zoning and workspace positions were discussed in great detail with the client's teams during our Discover workshop. We went through many variations and derived the final floor layout while constantly involving the respective teams.

  • Design & DRAW

    Detailed furniture and equipment layout was planned for the labs and the makerspaces. Changes in building services were also planned according to the new layouts.

  • Build

    Flavor Lab & Quality Testing

    We designed two Lab kitchens - Flavor Lab and Quality Testing. The look and feel of the technical kitchens were designed to match the aesthetics of the spaces around.

  • Makerspaces

    We designed a functional and clean workshop environment for air up's team - right in the center of their HQ.

    In the makerspace, air up can iterate quickly on new designs of their product, using 3D-printers as well as traditional crafting tools.

    Hackathon Area

    Finally, integrated with the productive lab and makerspace areas, we left some flexible, open space for the team to come together and be creative. Here, air up can host workshops, ideate on new ideas and facilitate hyper-productive hackathon sessions that bring out the team's creative energy.

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