Invitris Phage Lab

Fighting multi-resistant bacteria

Invitris is one of those companies that can really save the world - in their case from multi-resistant bacteria, which are becoming a global health concern.

Through their unique cell-free phage production system, Invitris can create a personalized protein-based drug therapy to heal infections where all classic antibiotics fail.

We've helped them design, plan and equip their new lab space in IZB Munich.

Our relationship with Invitris really goes back a long time:

When SLA founder Jérôme presented his vision of phage therapies at the kickoff of iGEM 2018, that would become the TUM teams' Phactory project and - fast forward a few years, in which Jérôme kept coaching the growing team - mature into an ambitious company: Invitris.

We're really happy that our friends at Invitris managed to become selected as a Y Combinator company in 2023, thus rapidly outgrowing their previous facilities.

  • Location

    Munich, DE

  • Client


  • Year


  • Area

    280 m²

  • Scope

    S1/S2 Phage R&D Lab

  • Status


Project Overview

  • Discover

    Signing Support
    through our network


    • Understanding Processes
    • Location Analysis
    • Risk Assessment
    • 360° Virtual Tours
  • Design

    Lab Zoning & Floor Plans
    process-optimized workspace planning


    • User Research
    • Process-optimized Zoning
    • Lab Bench & Workspace Planning
    • Lab Equipment Planning
    • Electrical Planning
    • Sanitary Planning
    • Media Supply Planning
  • Buy

    Structured Procurement
    lab machines & equipment


    • Equipment & Furniture Research
    • Decision Workshops
    • Equipment Procurement
    • Discount Negotiations

The Lab Planning Process

  • Discover

    As Invitris moved into a ready lab space at IZB Munich, our primary challenges in the Discovery Phase of the project were to analyze and map the space including the existing infrastructure.

    Moreover, we coordinated that all regulatory aspects of operating their lab were accounted for and helped with sublease arrangements for some yet unused rooms of the lab.

  • 360° virtual tour

    As for any of our clients, we prepared a 360° virtual tour to optimize our planning process and also to communicate with stakeholders and contractors quickly and accurately.

    Such a tour allows anyone to remotely explore and experience the space as if they were on site. Most importantly, we can significantly reduce costs for site visits and resolve questions and project blockers much quicker.

  • Design & DRAW

    Early on in the Invitris project, we designed the lab and office spaces together with the client team, capturing the vibe that Invitris themselves want for their future working spaces.

    Towards the end of our planning phase, we usually derive a 3D-model that contains all the technical details needed for construction and that really gives a feel for what the finalized lab is going to look and feel like. (For this small lab, we skipped this step, as there were no constructions to plan.)

    Lab Zoning

    We analyzed Invitris' workflows and proposed a lab zoning that would optimize the available space.

    Following that fundamental layout, we could then dive into the details of lab planning.

  • Office

    We planned a simple office for Invitris and their subtenants, incl. shared community spaces.

    Cell-free Phage Production Lab

    In the Design Phase step of the planning process for Invitris' S1 and S2 lab spaces, we positioned all lab furniture and equipment and made sure that all media and power requirements were met.

  • Finances

    As we do in every project, we guided Invitris through the costs of building out their lab, short and long term. Together, we prioritized the investments they had to take and took decisions on cost-saving measures like leasing and purchasing some items from trusted second hand vendors.

    For most startups, this conversation is one of the most crucial reality checks, where tradeoffs between growth ambitions and responsible budgeting will have to be resolved.

  • Finally, we're proud to announce that, founded in our sustained relationship and deep mutual trust, Invitris has become our very special first, but definitely not last, startup investment with SLA acting as angel investor.

    Going forward, we plan to open this avenue to more startups that seek to grow together with us.

The Smart Lab Architects team has helped to plan and execute the expansion into our new laboratory very quickly. They visited us on site in our previous university spaces and analyzed our scientific processes and needs to then scale it all up into a tailored lab that will support us in our further growth. SLA's digital planning tools facilitated swift and clear decision-making, while their extensive network and expertise helped us to equip our lab very cost efficiently with all that we needed.

We highly recommend SLA for their comprehensive and tailored services and we're happy to have them on board as investors and advisors for our joint future!

Patrick Grossmann, PhD, MBA
CEO & Co-Founder, Invitris

Invitris - TV Feature

Learn about Invitris and get a few glimpses of their new lab in this feature on bacteriophage therapies that aired on German national TV show PlusMinus in October '23. (Jump to 07:13)

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