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Jasper's Biohackspace

A making-of of the Original Netflix Series

In the series Biohackers, student Jasper has his own Biohackspace where he develops the gene therapy for his rare genetic disease.

If you look closely, you will find that he has been doing many more projects in this hidden lab in the woods...

Netflix Lab from "Biohackers"
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    Munich, DE

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  • The Lab in Biohackers

    Professional lab machines are extremely expensive, thus Biohackers like Jasper rely on DIY lab equipment.

    Netflix Lab from "Biohackers"

    We are the biggest fans of the amazingly talented biohackers that drive innovation in the biotech sector with low budget and great ideas. ​For this set, we asked our friends in the scene to share their inventions.

Lab Tour

Our Inspiration to the Creators

What should be in the Lab of the Netlfix Biohacker's Series? Here is the inspiration video Jérôme shot mid of 2019 in the [x] Biokitchen for the Netflix crew.

The Story & Labs of Biohackers

  • Netflix Lab from "Biohackers"

    We helped making Biohackers' story as technologically accurate as possible and connected the directors with lab industry experts to create the modern labs and DIY biohacker space featured in the 2019 Netflix series. Read more about our involvement.

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  • Movie set for the scenes in

    Prof. Lorenz' Private Lab

    In the Netflix series Biohackers, Biotech professor Tanja Lorenz is operating a secret private lab in the basement of her mansion. We designed this lab with the goal to build the most futuristic, automated and sexy laboratory one could imagine.

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    Netflix Lab from "Biohackers"
  • Movie set for the scenes in

    Prof. Lorenz' University Lab

    Prof. Lorenz has her own Lorence Excellence Center, where she runs her official studies.

    In reality, the labs are located in LMU Biocampus Martinsried in the south of Munich and are used by students and professors for their regular research.

    Netflix Lab from "Biohackers"

The Crew

Our crew inspired and helped the production team to get the sets as close to reality as possible. We helped with each of our expertise throughout the entire process, from the idea and the selection of partners until the way how you use the products at the set.

Jérôme Lutz

David Ng

Edward Perello

Involved Partners

We involved the best companies we knew to add their amazing technologies to the labs. All-in-all, we put together a lab worth more than 1.000.000 €. In the name of everyone involved, thank you for making this happen!

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