Planet A Foods

Cocoa-free Chocolate Factory

Our client Planet A Foods produces cocoa-free chocolate - they call it Nocoa - based on local, natural ingredients that are carefully fermented and roasted. Thereby, they offer a sustainable solution to industrial cocoa farming.

In under 6 months, we built a new headquarter for Planet A Foods in Munich.

Chocolate is a very hot topic in the Food Startup industry at the moment, thus we are unfortunately not allowed to share any details about the project.

  • Location

    Munich, DE

  • Client

    Planet A Foods

  • Year


  • Area


  • Scope

    R&D Lab, Office &
    Pilot Production Plant

  • Status

    in under 6 months

Project Overview

  • Discover

    7 Locations
    for the Biotech Chocolate Lab


    • Location Requirements
    • Understanding Scientific Processes
    • Location Analysis
    • Landlord Negotiations
    • 360° Virtual Tours
  • Design

    300+ Iterations
    flexible incorporation of Requests in Construction & Equipment Plans


    • Wall Finishes
    • Furniture
    • Custom Builds
    • Lighting
  • Build

    • S1 Biotech Lab
    • Industrial Kitchen
    • Office


    • Bioreactor Battle Station
    • S1 Water System
    • S1 Walls & Floors
    • Stainless Steel Kitchen
    • Chocolate Production Machine Setup
    • Office Painting & Flooring
  • Buy

    Structured Procurement


    • Office Furniture
    • Lab Equipment
    • Lab Consumables
    • Construction Materials
  • Sprint

    • 1 Week
    • 8 SLA Experts
    • Client Team


    • Set up Lab Machines
    • Set up Lab Signage
    • Organize Consumables
    • Finalized Industrial Kitchen
    • Built Video Rooms & Desk Setup
    • Built Entrance, Lounge & "Rave Cave"

"It was an impressive timeline pulled off by SLA to get us operational as soon as possible. The very day the previous lab moved out, construction workers showed up and began deconstruction, did the flooring on the next day, installed massive power supplies and industrial kitchen furniture and painted our office and lab spaces - after only four days we were operational and ready to take up production of our chocolate.

Finally, the SLA Team came in for a joint one-week sprint together with our team and we finalized all work in our beautiful office and biotech lab. We even have a rave-cave now!

Dr. Sara F. Marquart
CTO & Co-Founder Planet A Foods

Planet A Lab - TV Feature

Learn about Planet A and get a few glimpses of their headquarters in this feature on vegan and sustainable chocolate that aired on German national television in December '22.

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